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Other Fees & Charges
Refuse Collection Fees
Charges to residential citizens for the weekly collection and disposal of both solid waste and recyclables. The Town charges an $8 fee per month, which is billed on the water and sewer bill. The bill is due on the 15th of each month. In addition, the Town offers business refuse and recycling collection - check out the details here!

Development Permits & Fees
Permits are required for individuals and businesses to erect certain structures, perform certain functions or begin construction. The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for issuing and administering permits for the town.

Parking Fines
Fines paid for violations of the parking ordinance. The town charges a $20 parking fine.

Returned Check Fee
The town charges a fee of $35 for all returned checks due to non-sufficient funds.

Rental of Recreational Facilities
The town rents its two park shelters and event space at W.O. Riley Park. The town charges $25 for a half-day and $50 for the entire day for the park shelters and $100 for the event space. See Parks and Pool for more information.

Swimming Pool Fees
These represent charges for the use of the swimming pool at W.O. Riley Park. See Parks and Pool for more information.