Pay Your Bills Online

Pay Your Utility Bills & Property Taxes Online or Over the Phone

The Town of Woodstock has partnered with Official Payments Corporation to offer electronic payments (credit card, debit card, or e-check) of utility bills, real property taxes and personal property taxes. Please note that a convenience fee applies.

If you are paying your bill online or by telephone on the morning of disconnection, please contact the Municipal Office with your confirmation number and amount paid before 9:00 am. If you do not contact the Municipal Office with this information, it will not be received until the next day and the disconnect fee will be applied.

To Pay Online

  • Go to the payment website and select "Local Payments"
  • Type in our jurisdiction code of '9001' or perform a search for the Town of Woodstock
  • Indicate the bill you are paying (utility, real property, personal property, etc.)
  • Indicate the payment amount and the type of payment (credit, debit, e-check)
  • Official Payments Corporation charges a nominal convenience fee for the processing of these electronic payments
  • You will need your account number in order to proceed
    • Example of account number for utilities: 123456.00 97
    • Example of PIDN number for real property taxes: 2010R-1234567
    • Example of PIDN number for personal property taxes: 2010P-1234567
  • Follow the instructions to complete the payment

Online Bill Payment Opens in new window

To Pay Over the Phone

  • Call (800) 2PayTax ((800) 272-9829)
  • You will need the town's jurisdiction code, which is 9001
  • You will also need your account number
  • Follow the instructions to complete the payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Official Payments? 
A. Official Payments is the leading provider of electronic payment options for federal, state, and local government agencies. Official Payments makes it possible for citizens to pay their government taxes and fees, using their credit or debit cards or electronic checks, via the internet or the telephone (toll-free, (800) 2PAYTAX). Official Payments processes tax and fee payments for the IRS, 26 state governments, plus the District of Columbia, and more than 2,200 counties and municipalities across all 50 states.

Q. What payment methods does Official Payments accept? 
A. MasterCard and Visa cards (including credit and ATM pin-less debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo), and e-checks. However, not all methods are accepted for all payment types. The methods that are accepted will be identified when you make your payment.

Q. Why is there a convenience fee and why am I paying for this? 
A. Official Payments charges a convenience fee for processing the payment transaction. The fee is not charged by or paid to the government agency. The convenience fee is assessed to cover operating costs and the costs associated with servicing thousands of card transactions.

You will be informed of all charges and fees before you authorize the payment. You may calculate the exact fee online.

When a consumer uses the service, two line items will appear on their card bill or bank statement. One is for the tax, fee, or fine owed to the government, and the other is for the convenience fee charged by Official Payments.

Q. How safe is Official Payments' system? 
A. The system has been tested and proven. The IRS and more than 2,200 state and local governments have chosen Official Payments as an electronic service provider for their constituents. The information gathered is private and will not be forwarded to anyone.

Q. Will I receive a confirmation of my payment? 
A. Yes. You will be provided a confirmation number at the end of the payment transaction. This confirmation number and your card or bank statement will provide confirmation of your card payment to the government agency. If you pay over the internet, you will be issued an on-screen digital receipt, which can be printed as a transaction record. Additionally, if you provide us your email address, you will receive an email verification of your online payment.

Q. How can I be sure that my payment was processed correctly?
A. You can verify your internet payment online if you have provided your e-mail address to us. You will need your confirmation number, the last 4 digits of your card, or the last 5 digits of your bank account. You may also call (888) 357-8394. You will need your payment amount to process your telephone inquiry.

Q. Who do I call if my payment doesn't appear on my card or bank statement? 
A. Call Official Payments Customer Service toll-free at (800) 487-4567. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish and choose option 4.